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dc.titleIncidental Music to A Midsummernight's Dream, Opus 61
dc.typePerformance History
dc.coverage.season1904-05 Season
dc.description.projectGrand Classics 9
dc.coverage.venueCMH Carnegie Music Hall
dc.coverage.venuecountryUnited States of America
dc.contributor.conductorPaur, Emil
dc.contributor.orchestraPittsburgh Orchestra
dc.contributor.composerMendelssohn, Felix
dc.description.movements(Sei als wäre nichts gerchelm)
dc.description.movementsAllegro di molto
dc.description.movementsI. Scherzo (after Act I)
dc.description.movementsIV. Andante - Allegro molto (Oberon - Was du wirst)
dc.description.movementsOverture: Allegro di molto
dc.description.movementsXI. Advance of clowns (Ein Tanz von Rüpeln)
dc.description.movementsXII. Music between Scenes 1 and 2 - Allegro vivace
dc.description.movements(Bunte Schlangen)
dc.description.movementsIX. Wedding March (after Act IV) Allegro vivace
dc.description.movementsVII. Nocturne - Andante tranquillo
dc.description.movementsXIII. Finale: Allegro di molto
dc.description.movementsX. Act V, Scene 1: Dialogue and Funeral March
dc.description.movements(March of Echoes) (Over hill, over dale)
dc.description.movementsihr eire Rede)
dc.description.movementsIII. Scene 3: Song with chorus - allegro ma non troppo
dc.description.movementsVI. Act III, Scene I: Allegro (Sequence - Wenn
dc.description.movementsV. Intermezzo (after Act II) Allegro appassionato
dc.description.movementsII. Act II, Scene I: L'istesso tempo -- Allegro vivace
dc.description.movementsVIII. Act IV, Scene I: Andante - Allegro molto
dc.contributor.soloistRiddle, George
dc.contributor.soloistEllis, Katherine
dc.contributor.soloistHay, Ruth
opas.title.printIncidental Music to A Midsummernight's Dream, Opus 61

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