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dc.titleSuite from The Minotaur
dc.typePerformance History
dc.coverage.season1983-84 Season
dc.description.projectMusic Here & Now
dc.coverage.venueFulton Theatre
dc.contributor.conductorLankester, Michael
dc.contributor.orchestraPittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
dc.contributor.composerCarter, Elliott
dc.description.movementsAndante serioso
dc.description.movementsScene II:
dc.description.movementsV. Ariadne rewinds her thread: Andante
dc.description.movementsI. Pasiphaë: Allegro misterioso
dc.description.movementsII. Entrance of the bulls
dc.description.movementsIII. The labyrinth: Con moto e sostenuto
dc.description.movementsI. Ariadne and Theseus: Allegretto
dc.description.movementsIII. Bull's dance with Pasiphaë: Allegro marcato
dc.description.movementsIV. Theseus fights and kills the Minotaur:
dc.description.movementsOverture: Maestoso
dc.description.movementsScene I:
dc.description.movementsVI. Theseus and the Greeks emerge from the labyrinth:
dc.description.movementsAllegro agitato
dc.description.movementsIII. Theseus' farewell on entering the labyrinth:
dc.description.movementsVII. Theseus and the Greeks prepare to leave Crete
opas.title.printSuite from The Minotaur

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