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dc.format.mediumSony DT-120 B441402P
dc.titleSymphony No. 6 in F major, Opus 68, 'Pastoral'
dc.typePerformance History
dc.coverage.season1993-94 season
dc.description.projectGrand Classics 21
dc.type.eventArchival Recording
dc.coverage.venueHeinz Hall
dc.coverage.venuecountryUnited States of America
dc.contributor.conductorMaazel, Lorin
dc.contributor.orchestraPittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
dc.contributor.composerBeethoven, Ludwig Van
dc.description.movementsI. Awakening of cheerful feelings on arriving in the; country: Allegro ma non troppo; II. Scene by the brook: Andante molto mosso; III. Merry assembly of country folk: Allegro; IV. Thunderstorm: Allegro; V. Shepherd's Song - Happy, grateful feelings after the; storm: Allegretto
dc.format.collectionnoAAVPR 19940414 00:00 M1c1/1

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