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dc.titlePictures at an Exhibition
dc.typeSound Recording
dc.coverage.season1977-78 Season
dc.description.projectGrand Classics 5
dc.type.eventArchival Recording
dc.coverage.venueHeinz Hall
dc.coverage.venuecountryUnited States of America
dc.contributor.conductorPrevin, Andre
dc.contributor.orchestraPittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
dc.contributor.composerMussorgsky, Modest
dc.description.movementsIII. Tulleries
dc.description.movementsIV. Bydlo
dc.description.movementsVI. Two Polish Jews
dc.description.movementsX. The Great Gate of Kiev
dc.description.movementsIntroduction: Promenade
dc.description.movementsV. Ballet of Little Chicks in their Shells
dc.description.movementsVIII. Catacombae - Cum mortius in lingua mortua
dc.description.movementsII. Il vecchio castello
dc.description.movementsI. Gnomus
dc.description.movementsIX. Baba-Yaga - The Hut on Hen's Legs
dc.description.movementsVII. Limoges
dc.format.noiseDolby Noise Reduction Off
dc.format.speed7.5 inches per second
dc.description.notesDigitization of this sound recording was supported by a grant from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission’s Historical Archives and Records Care Grant, a program funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
opas.title.printPictures at an Exhibition
dc.format.collectionNoAAVPR 19771014 00:00 M1c1/1

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