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dc.typeArchival Recording
dc.coverage.season2008-09 Season
dc.type.eventArchival Recording
dc.coverage.venueHeinz Hall
dc.coverage.venuecountryUnited States of America
dc.contributor.conductorLoh, Lawrence J
dc.contributor.orchestraOrchestra B
dc.contributor.composerHandel, George Frideric
dc.description.movements14. Recitative (Soprano): There were shepherds abiding;
dc.description.movements24. Air (Version A: Alto): He was despised
dc.description.movements25a Chorus: Surely He hath bourne our griefs
dc.description.movements25b Chorus: And with His stripes we are healed
dc.description.movements3. Aria (Tenor): Ev'ry valley shall be exalted
dc.description.movements30. Airioso (Tenor or Soprano): Behold and see if there be
dc.description.movements30. Recitative (Tenor or Soprano): He was cut off
dc.description.movements31. Air (Tenor or Soprano): But Thou didst not leave His
dc.description.movements4. Chorus: And the Glory of the Lord
dc.description.movements45. Recitative (Bass): Behold, I tell you a mystery
dc.description.movements46. Air (Bass): The trumpet shall sound
dc.description.movements50b Chorus: Blessing and honor
dc.description.movements6. Aria : But who may abide the day
dc.description.movements7. Chorus: And he shall purify
dc.description.movements9. Air and Chorus (Alto): O thou that tellest good
dc.description.movementsthy sting?
dc.description.movements12. Chorus: For unto us a Child is Born
dc.description.movements13. Pifa (Pastoral Symphony)
dc.description.movements20. Recitative (Version B: Alto): Then shall the eyes
dc.description.movements22. Chorus: His yoke is easy, and His burthen is light
dc.description.movements26. Arioso (Tenor or Soprano): All they that see Him
dc.description.movements29. Recitative (Tenor or Soprano): Thy rebuke hath broken
dc.description.movements38. Air (Version A: Bass): Why do the nations
dc.description.movements41. Air (Version A: Tenor): Thou shalt break them
dc.description.movements43. Air (Soprano): I know that my Redeemer liveth
dc.description.movements44. Chorus: Since by man came death
dc.description.movements50a Chorus: Worthy is the Lamb.
dc.description.movements8. Recitative (Alto): Behold, a virgin shall conceive
dc.description.movementsHis heart
dc.description.movementsof the blind
dc.description.movementsPART I.
dc.description.movementsPART III
dc.description.movements1. Sinfonia
dc.description.movements11. Air (Bass): The people that walked in darkness
dc.description.movements17. Arioso (Soprano): And suddenly, there was with the
dc.description.movements40. Recitative (Tenor): He that dwelleth in Heaven
dc.description.movementsif there be any sorrow
dc.description.movementsso furiously rage
dc.description.movementssoul in Hell
dc.description.movementstidings to Zion
dc.description.movements10. Recitative (Bass): For behold, darkness shall cover
dc.description.movements16. Recitative (Soprano): And the angel said unto them
dc.description.movements2. Arioso (Tenor): Comfort ye, my people
dc.description.movements21. Air (Version B: Alto): He shall feed his flock
dc.description.movements25c Chorus: All we like sheep have gone astray
dc.description.movements27. Chorus: He trusted in God
dc.description.movements42. Chorus: Hallelujah
dc.description.movements5. Recitative (Bass): Thus saith the Lord
dc.description.movements50c Chorus: Amen
dc.description.movementsAir (Soprano): Come unto Him, all ye that labor
dc.description.movementswith a rod of iron
dc.description.movements18. Chorus: Glory to God in the Highest
dc.description.movementsof the Lord
dc.description.movements15. Arioso (Version A: Soprano): And lo, the angel
dc.description.movementsthe earth.
dc.description.movementsPART II
dc.description.movements19. Air (Version B: Soprano or Tenor): Rejoice greatly
dc.description.movements23. Chorus: Behold the Lamb of God
dc.contributor.soloistMendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh
dc.contributor.soloistAndemicael, Awet
dc.contributor.soloistLattimore, Margaret
dc.contributor.soloistGardner, Robert
dc.contributor.soloistBennett, Alan
dc.contributor.soloinstMezzo Soprano
dc.format.collectionNoAAVPR 20081212 20:00 A1c1/2

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